Girls' Bill of Rights
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The Global Girls’ Bill of Rights is a declaration of the rights all girls are entitled to, written by girls, for girls.

It was created for the 2019 International Day of the Girl and will be presented to the United Nations.


All girls have the right to...

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+ 1. free, quality education which prepares them for the modern world

We deserve equal opportunity to attend school all the way to graduation, and we deserve freedrom and safe transportation to get there. A girl's right to school should not be impacted by her cultural background, her pregnancy status, or the money her family may lack.

  • More than 130 million girls are out of school worldwide. (Source: World Bank)

+ 2. equality

We should be free from discrimination and stereotypes because of being a girl, whether at home, at school, or in our communities. We should have access to equal opportunities and we should never be harassed nor oppressed due to what we wear, what we do, or how we express ourselves.

  • Globally, girls spend 40% more time on housework than boys do. This is time they aren’t spending on play, education, and building social networks. (Source: UNICEF)

+ 3. involvement in decision-making and pursuit of leadership positions without fear of discrimination, harassment, or persecution

Girls must be allowed to decide what our future holds and be able to lead just as much as boys in school, at home, or in the community. Any decision that affects us should include us in a position of authority. We have the right for our voices to be listened to and respected.

  • Only 24.3% of all national parliamentarians were women as of February 2019, a slow increase from 11.3% in 1995. (Source: UN Women)

+ 4. documentation

Every girl has the right to access or acquire all legal and academic documents that will allow her to access opportunities and lead a full life recognized by relevant authorities.

  • The births of around one fourth of the global population of children under five have never been registered. (Source: UNICEF)

+ 5. comprehensive sexual education and access to free, quality reproductive healthcare

This includes an education that informs us about our rights, consent, contraception, and healthy relationships. We should also have access to abortion and to proper healthcare, without criticism or shame.

+ 6. protection from harmful traditions and enjoyment of positive cultural practices

We must be kept safe from non-consensual practices, and be given the opportunity to express the positive elements of our cultures.

  • At least 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone FGM (female genital mutilation) in 30 countries where representative data is available. (Source: UN Women)

+ 7. safety from all forms of violence

All girls deserve healthy and safe relationships, including with romantic partners, parents, and family members. We should be safe from violence in all locations. All girls deserve shelter, clothing, and food.

  • Approximately 15 million adolescent girls (aged 15 to 19) worldwide have experienced forced sex at some point in their life. (Source: UN Women)

+ 8. decision-making about their body and sexuality

Girls have the right to choose whom they love, regardless of gender, and to express their sexuality without censure. We have a right to say “no” and to choose who, when, and if we will marry.

  • One girl under the age of 15 gets married every 7 seconds. (Source: UNICEF)

+ 9. protection under the law without fear or unequal treatment

Every girl has the right to seek legal protection in any situation where she feels insecure or undergoes an experience that needs legal attention, without being judged or her claim disregarded. No girl should ever be in a position where she has to choose to be silent due to fear of lack of legal protection.

+ 10. freedom from exploitation

All girls deserve a happy childhood. We should never be forced to work, and we should be kept safe from child trafficking and early marriage.

  • 71% of all trafficking victims worldwide are women and girls. (Source: UN Women)


*The term girls is inclusive of all individuals who identify with the experiences of girls, including gender-nonconforming, genderfluid, transfeminine experiences, up to the age of 22.

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Artwork courtesy of:
Louisa Cannell


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As a girl, co-sign the Bill by sharing: “Girls just want to have fundamental rights. These are mine; read them, respect them. #GirlsBillofRights”

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The Girls’ Bill of Rights was seen in…


The Process

To reach as many representative girls as possible, She’s the First, in partnership with Akili Dada and MAIA, orchestrated a consortium of girls’ organizations from around the globe. Ultimately, 1,000+ girls from 34 countries submitted their rights in 5 languages. These countries included:

Democratic Republic of Congo
Papua New Guinea
Sierra Leone
South Africa
The Gambia
United States

Those submissions were then organized, phrased to be most inclusive, and voted into the final declaration by the Global Girls Panel, comprised of 15 girls from around the world, who communicated via WhatsApp to bring the Global Girls' Bill of Rights to life.

Meet our Global Girls Panel


Organized by


Regional Organizers:



with support from Global Allies

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Special thanks to those who've contributed to the bill and shared their names:

Abagail, United States
Abby, United States
Adah, Cameroon
Adama, Sierra Leone
Adama, The Gambia
Adela, Guatemala
Adele, South Africa
Adile, Benin
Adrianne, Kenya
Affisatu, Sierra Leone
African Girls Empowerment Network, South Africa
Agnes, Kenya
Aida, Kazakhstan
Aimee Francine, Rwanda
Aimee gisele, Rwanda
Aisha, Kenya
Aisha, The Gambia
Aji, The Gambia
Alani, Puerto Rico
Alanis, Puerto Rico
Alejandra, Guatemala
Alena, United States
Alex, Canada
Alexie, Canada
Alice, Kenya
Alicia, Guatemala
Alicia, United States
Alina, Kazakhstan
Aliza, Australia
Allison, United States
Almendra, Peru
Alondra, Puerto Rico
Alpha Omega Sorority, Canada
Amanda, Guatemala
Amelia, Guatemala
Amina, Nigeria
Aminata, Sierra Leone
Aminata, The Gambia
Amy Petzey, Guatemala
Ana Paola , Guatemala
Ana, Guatemala
Ananya, United States
Andrea, Canada
Andrea, Guatemala
Angel, Guatemala
Angela, Mexico
Angelia, United States
Angélica Maria, Guatemala
Angelica, Mexico
Angelina, Ghana
Angellah, Kenya
Anika, Bulgaria
Anika, United States
Anisa, Kenya
Anisha, United States
Ann-felicity, Kenya
Anna Lia, Italy
Anna, Tanzania
Annalee, United States
Ariana, United States
Arra, The Gambia
Ashka, United States
Ashlei, United States
Ashley, United States
Ashmita, Canada
Asia, Poland
Assoumpta, Rwanda
Audrey, United States
Aura, Guatemala
Avery, United States
Avkanksha, Canada
Avni, United States
Awa, The Gambia
Ayanat, Kazakhstan
Aziza, Kenya
Bahati, Kenya
Bahati, Tanzania
Baker, Canada
Belhah, South Africa
Belinda, Kenya
Bernardina, Guatemala
Beryl, Kenya
Bi Nuru Secondary School, Kenya
Bintu, Sierra Leone
Blanca, Guatemala
Blessing, Kenya
Bonnie , Australia
Brenda, Guatemala
Brenda, Kenya
Brianna, United States
Brilliant, Kenya
Brisayda, Peru
Buhle, South Africa
Busi, South Africa
Caitlin, United States
Camilla, Kenya
Camille, United States
Caren, Kenya
Carina, Peru
Carissa Roets, South Africa
Carla, Guatemala
Carmen, Guatemala
Caroline, Kenya
Catherine, Kenya
Cecilia, Tanzania
Celestina, Guatemala
Charlotte, United States
Charon, Puerto Rico
Chelsea, United States
Chloe, United States
Christie, Peru
Christina, United States
Christine, Benin
Christine, Kenya
Cindy, Guatemala
Clare, Kenya
Claris, Kenya
Claudia, Guatemala
Claudia, Mexico
Claudine, Kenya
Cleopatra, South Africa
Coumba Absa, Sénégal
Cynthia, Cameroon
Cynthia, Kenya
Daisy, United States
Dana, United States
Danayda, Peru
Danielle, Canada
Darby, United States
Dayle, Guatemala
Débora, Guatemala
Deborah, Puerto Rico
Debra, Kenya
Deja, United States
Devin, United States
Dharani, United States
Diana, Guatemala
Diana, Kazakhstan
Diana, Kenya
Diane, Rwanda
Dilma, Guatemala
Disha, Canada
Dorcas, Kenya
Dorothy, Kenya
Dustin, United States
Ebony, Australia
Eden, Ethiopia
Edie, Malawi
Edna, Sierra Leone
Edwina, Cambodia
Eeman, United States
Elisabeth, Benin
Eliza, Malawi
Eliza, United States
Elizabeth, Kenya
Elizabeth, Malawi
Elizabeth, United States
Ella, Australia
Elvia, Guatemala
Elvira , Guatemala
Emily, Taiwan
Emily, United States
Emma, Australia
Emma, Sierra Leone
Emma, United States
Emmaculate, Kenya
Ericka, Guatemala
Erika, Guatemala
Estefany, Guatemala
Estela, Guatemala
Ester, Guatemala
Esther Mwansa, Zambia
Esther, Kenya
Esther, United States
Evaline, Kenya
Evelyn, Guatemala
Evelyna-Sophia, Canada
Everline, Kenya
Fabiola, Guatemala
Faith , Kenya
Faith, United States
Fardowsa, Kenya
Farhat, Canada
Farrah, United States
Fathima, India
Fatma, Kenya
Fatou, The Gambia
Fatoumata, The Gambia
Fayel, Kenya
Fenny, Tanzania
Fernanda, Mexico
Finella, United States
Fiona, United States
Flor de María, Guatemala
Florence, Sierra Leone
Floridalma, Guatemala
Florinda, Guatemala
Fridah, Kenya
Gea, Tanzania
Gennifer, United States
Georgia, Australia
Georgiana, United States
Georgina, Malawi
Gikumene Primary School, Kenya
Gladys, Guatemala
Glenda, Guatemala
Glendy, Guatemala
Gloria, Guatemala
Gloria, Kenya
Grace, Kenya
Grace, Nigeria
Grace, Tanzania
Gricelda, Guatemala
Griselda, Guatemala
Habiba, Kenya
Haddy, The Gambia
Hafsa, Kenya
Haida Rubí, Guatemala
Hailey, United States
Haja, Sierra Leone
Halima, Kenya
Hamisi, Kenya
Hannah, Kenya
Hannah, United States
Happy, Kenya
Heidy, Guatemala
Helen , Guatemala
Her Campus - U of New Hampshire, United States
Her Campus Susquehanna, United States
Heydi, Guatemala
Hilaria, Peru
Holland, United States
Hunter, United States
Ikra, Kenya
Imalay, Puerto Rico
Imani, Tanzania
Indira, Kazakhstan
Indira, Puerto Rico
Ingrid, Guatemala
Irah, Kenya
Irene , Tanzania
Iris, Guatemala
Irmine, Benin
Isabel, United States
Isabela, Guatemala
Isata, Sierra Leone
Isatou l, The Gambia
Isatou, The Gambia
Isha, Sierra Leone
Iviwe, South Africa
Jacinta, Kenya
Jackeline, Guatemala
Jackline, Kenya
Jackline, Tanzania
Jacqualine, Kenya
Jade, United States
Jainaba, The Gambia
Jana, Australia
Jane, Kenya
Janet, Kenya
Janet, Tanzania
Janeth, Tanzania
Janice, Kenya
Jaquelin, Guatemala
Jeilanis, Puerto Rico
Jemilatu, Sierra Leone
Jenifer Paola, Guatemala
Jennifer, Kenya
Jennifer, Tanzania
Jesca, Tanzania
Jeshmarie, Puerto Rico
Jessica, Guatemala
Jessica, United States
Jessie, United States
Jill, Canada
Joharah, Australia
Jordyn, United States
Josefina, Guatemala
Joselyn, Guatemala
Josephine, Sierra Leone
Joy, Kenya
Joyce, Tanzania
Juana, Guatemala
Juliana, Kenya
Julie, United States
Justina, Nigeria
Kaby, Canada
Kadiatu, Sierra Leone
Kaiulani, United States
Kalkidan, Ethiopia
Kalys, United States
Kamvalethu, South Africa
Kanitha, Cambodia
Karina, Guatemala
Karina, Puerto Rico
Karina, United States
Karlene, Puerto Rico
Kassandra, United States
Kate, Australia
Kate, Canada
Kate, United States
Katerinne, Guatemala
Katherin, Guatemala
Katherine, United States
Katisi, Uganda
Keelan, United States
Keishali, Puerto Rico
Kenza, Morocco
Kesia, Kenya
Khainza, Uganda
Khanya, South Africa
Kharobo, Uganda
Kiarna, Australia
Kimberly, Guatemala
Kirstyn, Zimbabwe
Kisakye, Uganda
Kwambukha, Uganda
Kylie, Canada
Kymberlee, United States
Laikipia County, Kenya
Lara Tamyres, Brasil
Latifah, Kenya
Laura, Guatemala
Lauren, Canada
Lauryn, Sierra Leone
Lavanyaa, Varenya, United States
Layla, Australia
Leah, Kenya
Leah, United States
Leakhena, Cambodia
leanna, United States
Leela, United States
Leha, Guatemala
Leofildah, Kenya
Lerato, United States
Lesly, Guatemala
Levina, Kenya
Lexi, United States
Leyli, Guatemala
Lideliz, Puerto Rico
Lidia, Guatemala
Lilian, Guatemala
Linda María, Guatemala
Lindsay, United States
Lisa, South Africa
Lisbeth, Peru
Liz, Guatemala
Lolita, Guatemala
Lucero, Guatemala
Lucia, Guatemala
Lucky, Kenya
Luisa, Guatemala
Ly, Cambodia
Lydia, Kenya
Lydiah, Kenya
Madaneth, Cambodia
Maddie, United States
Madelyn, Guatemala
Madison, United States
Mafereh, Sierra Leone
Magaly, Peru
Magdalena, Guatemala
Maggie, Canada
Mahnoor, Canada
Maitri, India
Malia, United States
Manjula, India
Manon, France
Maren, United States
Margaret, Ghana
Margaret, Sierra Leone
Margarita, Guatemala
Maria, Guatemala
María, Guatemala
Mariama, The Gambia
Marian, Sierra Leone
Mariatu, Sierra Leone
Maribel, Peru
Marion, Ikra, Hafsa, Halima, Joy, Anisa, Kenya
Marion, Kenya
Marion, Sierra Leone
Maris, United States
Marisol, Peru
Maritza, Peru
Marleny, Guatemala
Marlin, Guatemala
Marta, Guatemala
Martha, Kenya
Mary, The Gambia
MaryAnn, Kenya
Maserr, The Gambia
Matthew, United States
Maya, Demcratic Republic of Cong
Maydi, Guatemala
Meagan, United States
Meaza , Ethiopia
Megan, Papua New Guinea
Meghan, United States
Melanie, Canada
Melody Ann, Puerto Rico
Memory, Malawi
Memuci, Kenya
Menna, Canada
Mercedes, Guatemala
Mercy, Kenya
Mercy, Malawi
Meritang, Kenya
Mia, Canada
Michelle, Kenya
Mileyda, Guatemala
Miriam, Guatemala
Mischa, Australia
Mishell, Guatemala
Misky, Kenya
Mombasa Technical College, Kenya
Monica, Kenya
Monica, Sierra Leone
Monicah, Kenya
Mubarak, Nigeria
Mukoya, Uganda
Mutuwa, Uganda
Muucunce Secondary School, Kenya
Mwelwa, Zambia
Mwenya, South Africa
Myrna, Kenya
Nabifo, Uganda
Nabisawa, Uganda
Nabuku, Tanzania
Naburonya, Uganda
Naeku, Kenya
Naima, Kenya
Nakimuli, Uganda
Namome, Uganda
Namono, Uganda
Namundi, Uganda
Nandere, Uganda
Nangiday, Kenya
Naniyah, United States
Naomi, Canada
Naomi, Kenya
Naomie, Puerto Rico
Nasaka, Uganda
Natalie, Canada
Natasha, Kenya
Nayali, United States
Nayellian , Puerto Rico
Nayline, Puerto Rico
Nazlin Hassan, Kenya
Ndey, The Gambia
Nelly, Kenya
Nemama, Tanzania
Nembris, Kenya
Nganahe, Kenya
Ngonyi Primary School, Kenya
Nhu, Vietnam
Niki, Nepal
Nikita, United States
Nikky, United States
Nimisha, India
Norma, Guatemala
Nthabiseng, South Africa
Odalys, Puerto Rico
Ofelia, Guatemala
Olga, Guatemala
Olga, Puerto Rico
Olive, Rwanda
Olivia, United States
Olympia, United States
Onge, South Africa
Orama, Puerto Rico
Paola, Guatemala
Paolina, Puerto Rico
Paschalia, Tanzania
Paschazia, Tanzania
Patricia, Canada
Patriciah, Kenya
Paty, Guatemala
Phoebe, Uganda
Pierra, Kenya
Pria, United States
Princess, Sierra Leone
Priscah, Kenya
Purity, Kenya
R, Rwanda
Rachel, United States
Rahel, Ethiopia
Raisa, Kazakhstan
Ramatoulaye, Sénégal
Rebecca, Canada
Rebecca, Switzerland
Rehema, Tanzania
Renata, Guatemala
Rosa, Guatemala
Rosalía, Guatemala
Rosalinda, Guatemala
Rosangela, Guatemala
Rose, Kenya
Rose, The Gambia
Roseland, Kenya
Rosita, Peru
Roveena, Canada
Ruth, Kenya
Sabina, Tanzania
Sabrina, Kenya
Sadiqua, United States
Sady, Guatemala
Saima, Pakistan
Salome, Tanzania
Samantha, Kenya
Samantha, United States
Samira, Kenya
Sandra, Cameroon
Sandra, Guatemala
Sandra, Mexico
Sara, Denmark
Sara, Guatemala
Sarah, Canada
Sarah, United States
Sarem, Cambodia
Savannah, United States
Seers, Uganda
Senait, Ethiopia
Serra Joan, Uganda
Sesethu, South Africa
Sesihle, South Africa
Shanice, Kenya
Sharitah, Kenya
Sharon Kawira, Mombasa
Sharon, Kenya
Shauna, Canada
Shealah, Canada
Shefali, Canada
Sheilah, Kenya
Shelinee, United States
Shira, Malawi
Sia, Sierra Leone
Sierra, United States
Silva, Guatemala
Silvana, Kenya
Silvia, Kenya
SJ, United States
Socheata, Cambodia
Sofia, United States
Sonia, Guatemala
Sonia, Kenya
Sophia, United States
Sophina, Kenya
St Teresa Secondary School, Kenya
Stacy, Kenya
Stefany, Guatemala
Sujaiya, Canada
Summer, United States
Susan, Kenya
Suzana, Kenya
Sydney, Canada
Sydney, United States
Tabitha, Kenya
Tanisha, United States
Tassy, Kenya
Tepy, Cambodia
Teresa , Kenya
Thao, Vietnam
Tharwa, Tunisia
Theodora, United States
Theonestina Fabian, Tanzania
Thubelihle, South Africa
Tiffany, Kenya
Tijana, United States
Ting, United States
Tracy, Ghana
Tumi, South Africa
Uli, United States
Upendo, Tanzania
UW-Madison's Chapter of She's the First, United States
Vanesa, Peru
Venny, South Africa
Vilma, Guatemala
Wandeka, Uganda
Wangui, Kenya
Wanjiru, Kenya
Watsemba, Uganda
Wellbeing, Nigeria
Wendy, Australia
Wendy, Guatemala
Wezi, Malawi
Whitney, Kenya
Winniefrida, Tanzania
Winter, United States
Witness, Kenya
Wuday, The Gambia
Yahaira, Peru
Yamkela, South Africa
Yashwini, India
Yasmin, Australia
Yeanor, Sierra Leone
Yeidaliz, Puerto Rico
Yenifer, Guatemala
Yesenia, Guatemala
Yesica, Guatemala
Yessica, Guatemala
Yoselin, Guatemala
Yosselinda, Peru
Yvonne, Kenya
Zahar, United States
Zawadi, Kenya
Zenande, South Africa
Zhansaya, Kazakhstan
Zoila, Guatemala
Zolisa, South Africa
1st Brighton Pathfinders, Canada